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The next generation of Qt [Keynote]

Qt 6 as the next major version of Qt has been released at the end of 2020. While we have tried to keep Qt 6 as compatible with Qt 5 as possible, the new version of Qt does come with quite some changes both to it’s APIs and under the hood. This talk will try to give an overview over the goals we had when developing Qt 6, the main architectural changes that come with the new version and give an outlook over our plans for Qt 6.2 and beyond.



Lars Knoll
Lars Knoll is Chief Maintainer of the Qt Project and Chief Architect at The Qt Company. He has been working with Qt for more than 2 decades in various engineering and management positions. His first encounter with Qt was in the late 90s through the KDE project where he started KHTML, the predecessor to the WebKit project, a codebase that nowadays powers most major web browsers. Coming from Germany he nowadays lives with his family in Oslo, Norway.


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