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Container Classes in Qt 5 & 6

Qt has always provided its own set of general-purpose C++ container classes. This talk will discuss the salient API and behavior of these classes, and show also how they have evolved between Qt 5 and 6


Basic knowledge of container classes in C++.


  • Understand how container classes work in Qt 5 and 6.
  • Understand the salient differences between Qt and C++ Standard Library container classes.
  • Be able to choose the best container for a given task.



Giuseppe D'Angelo
Giuseppe D'Angelo is an Approver of the Qt Project and a software engineer at KDAB. He is a long time contributor to Qt, having used Qt and C++ since 2000. His contributions in Qt range from containers and regular expressions to GUI, Widgets and OpenGL. A free software passionate and UNIX specialist, before joining KDAB, Giuseppe organized conferences on opensource around Italy.


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