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Advanced 3D with Qt

This talk will give an overview of the cool stuff you can do with new features introduced in Qt 6.1.

Introduced in Qt 6.1, there are new exciting graphics features in Qt that allows users to take their user interfaces to next level - or to create games with Qt. These features include instancing of rendered models where you can multiply models on the screen, morphing animations where you can change models from one to another and of course our 3D particle system where you can easily create fantastic particle effects without having to do any shader implementation.

We will go through a video where you can see what happens when you get creative with Qt 6 and also do some live-coding with QML.



Jarko Vihriälä
Jarko Vihriälä has been working on and off with Qt since 2010 at Nokia, Jolla and now in the Qt Company. I work closely with customers and RnD in order to make Qt the platform it deserves to be – the best application creation framework. I like to keep things practical and you’ll se some of the coding in this presentation actually done by me

Antti Määttä
Antti Määttä is a Senior Software Engineer in the Graphics and UI team at Qt Company. He has been working for Qt since 2016 mainly in 3D area. Anntti is an active developer of Qt3D, Qt 3D Studio + Runtime and QtQuick3D.


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